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Drafting Patents for Litigation and Licensing – BNA Books

Drafting Patents for Litigation and Licensing
BNA Books

This BNA Books publication is the best guide when it comes to preparing patent applications in the United States. Since it relies on real life cases taken specifically from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, it aids business owners to draft strong patent to avoid problems, and thus adding leverage. The book provides patent practitioners with advice on dealing with patent statute requirements so that stronger patents can be created which benefit both the owner and the public.

The book is edited by Brad Wright who is an expert in prosecution, litigation and counseling matters related to patent and copyright. It includes comprehensive insights into the potential harmful elements to look out for when drafting claims and patent applications, and the strategies relating to dealing with infringes, patent prosecutions, and patent protections. This book has adopted a different approach as compared to other books on drafting patents since it relies on practical court decisions that have damaged the scope and validity of patents to draft stronger valid patents.

Patent Litigation – Laurence H. Pretty

Patent Litigation
Laurence H. Pretty

Patent Litigation is a vital practical asset for every patent litigator. This book is authored by many proficient patent litigators such as Laurence H. Pretty, John Skenyon, Andrei Iancu, and others who have years of experience in patent infringement litigation. It is an excellent resource that helps you deal with patent trials while managing the costs and complexities involved in patent litigation. It provides an insight into various infringement actions, investigative techniques for developing strong cases, and cost reduction methods by using computers, litigation support vendors and jury consultants. Moreover, it equips litigators with tools to be proactive in their stance against client’s opponents.

With this book by your side, you can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and make effective use of documents, exhibits, and witnesses. Published by Practicing Law Institute, Patent Litigation helps patent litigators use dynamic pretrial, trial, and post-trial motions and hones their case examination skills. It is guide which helps at each stage of the litigation process and also during favorable settlements when litigation is not a solution.

Patent Litigation in China – Douglas Clark

Patent Litigation in China
Douglas Clark

Patent Litigation in China is authored by one of the most accomplished intellectual property lawyers, Douglas Clark who has been practicing patent litigation and property lawsuits in China since the last fifteen years. This book presents an exhaustive analysis of the patent litigation system in China, patentability requirements, importance and procedures for collecting evidence, proving patent violations and the possible defenses and remedies against a patent litigation. The book also reveals the significant differences between the US, Chinese and other patent systems.

Patent Litigation in China is an excellent guide for attorneys who are handling patent disputes in China and also for those businesses who have violated or are victims of patent infringements. Moreover, the book also includes English translations of the Chinese patent law, Supreme Court provisions relating to patent disputes and legal applications. The book not only showcases the legal aspects of patent litigations in China but also Douglas Clark’s take on the Chinese patent system.

Settlement of Patent Litigation and Disputes: Improving Decisions and Agreements to Settle and License – John W. Schlicher

Settlement of Patent Litigation and Disputes: Improving Decisions and Agreements to Settle and License
John W. Schlicher

John W. Schlicher’s book on Settlement of Patent Litigation and Disputes focuses on settlement issues and license agreements rather than the litigation process. He aids accused infringers, patent owners and their attorneys, through this book, to deal with the complexities involved in settlements and acquiring information for making decisions in the least costly way.

John emphasizes on Professor William Baxter’s economic model of settlement decisions and the factors that influence the prospects for settlement, the price, and the terms. Not only this, the book also highlights how this model can be used for making settlement decisions while considering facts and cost estimates using common examples. The author has also carried out comprehensive analysis to identify methods of dealing with patent litigations and what to expect during the entire litigation process. The book also includes the laws that affect settlement practices and puts constraints on resolving patent disputes smoothly.
The book is beneficial to all lawyers and business persons involved in patent licensing and patent litigation settlements.

The Patent Infringement Litigation Handbook: Avoidance and Management – Alan R. Thiele

The Patent Infringement Litigation Handbook: Avoidance and Management
Alan R. Thiele

The Patent Infringement Litigation Handbook is the combined effort of Alan R. Thiele, Judith R. Blakeway, and Charles M. Hosch to prevent patent violations from sweltering into expensive patent litigation. This book highlights how patent infringements can be avoided by properly managing invention protection and new product entry into the market. The authors have not neglected the fact that patent litigation are on the rise and each one of them results in loss of millions of dollars from the pocket. Therefore, this handbook also provides a way of handling patent infringement issues that result in litigation.

With an insight into characteristics of a high quality patent, protecting inventions and invention ownership issues, this book assumes readers have a sound understanding of the US invention protection system. The Patent Infringement Litigation Handbook is beneficial for corporate counsel and executives for managing patent disputes from an offensive and defensive perspective. The appendices also provide a look into the important documents used for invention protection and patent infringement litigation.